BareKnuckles BBQ Competition Cooking Team is Featured on BBQ Pitmasters Season 3

Working our way to BBQ Contests, Company outings and  Tailgate Parties all around. Find out where we will be next and Come out and See us! Give us a shout if we can help.


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  1. shawn burkett

    Big Jim, you did some cooking for us at Aribia mountain High School awhile back and I love your sauces the hot and sweet and would like to know how I can buy some?

    • admin

      you can get off the site or if you are around conyers or covington I can meet you !Will be cheaper that way

  2. David Priest

    Big Jim, great day at Antique Brick! Forgot the name of the instant digital thermometer you guys recommended.

    • bbqbigjim

      Thermo Pen or check with antique brick , not sure what brand they carry there. Thanks for coming out. Look for class in late fall and early spring.

  3. Hi Jim
    It has been a long time since i have seen you , I saw you on a commercial mon. and had to back it up and make sure it was you .
    I hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you on TV. let me know when you will be on.
    If you don’t remember me i cooked with you and Dwain C at the rain soaked Memphis in May along time ago .
    Congrat. on keeping up and keeping your dream going .

    • bbqbigjim

      Hey Rick, I do remember you. Thanks for checking in. We are having a great time. Lots of work as well(if you can call it work) Show airs tomorrow at 10 and june 3 at 9 on destination america channel, formerly planet green. Check in on the site and see where we are next ! Thanks again BigJim

  4. Hey Big Jim,
    You catered our company luncheon today and the shrimp was absolutely INCREDIBLE (since I don’t eat meat, shrimp was all I could have so I can’t comment on the pulled pork, ribs, chicken or beef brisquet…I took those home to my husband and sons and will let you know what they say about it…I’m sure they’ll be just as impressed as I am! :-) Thanks for the cooking tips…I look for the recipes on your site.

    • bbqbigjim

      Thanks again for the great compliments. We had a great time meeting everyone and look forward to coming back and helping out again. Thanks BigJim

  5. David Bir

    Where are you located! I saw your performance on TV and I live in Conyers, GA. I thought your treatment of the brisket sounded outstanding. But you do not give your location on your website. I am on my way to Madison to visit my fiancee, who is a chef, and I wanted to take her a sample of your cooking. My mouth watered the whole time I was watching the BBQ show on TV. I thought you made the right choice for not including the burnouts in your presentation but I am not an expert at competitions I only know what I like.

    • bbqbigjim

      Hey, thanks for the message. We dont have a restaurant, we only do private events. Thanks for tuning in and watching the show, we had a great time just doing what we love to do!! Just out there cooking and having fun!

  6. Jack Godowns

    Hey fool! Good luck this weekend.

    • bbqbigjim

      Thanks, Great seeing you at Waynesboro!! Hope yall enjoyed the que

  7. Jack Godowns

    Hay Bigjim have u got a truck to pull that new trailer yet.

    • bbqbigjim

      YES And it will pull trailer and your truck as well! OlD MAN

  8. Shane

    Big Jim, I seen you cooking on the show BBQ pit masters. I noticed that you were smoking on a Primo grill. I have one as well but it is just the large Komodo style. I am trying to learn how to cook on it because I can’t use the heat deflected on mine. (Primo doesn’t make one for it). I know your busy but I would greatly appreciate any advice and grilling tips.

    • bbqbigjim

      I think primo does make a deflector plate for that unit now. check out their website, The factory is in Tucker ga if you are in the area. Going to do a cooking class this year locally here , check out my facebook page for info, thanks !!BigJim

  9. martin.danielross@gmail.com

    Hello Big Jim. My wife and I watched you on Pitt Masters this season as well as the most recent season. We live right next door to Oxford, in Loganville. I certainly hope you open a restaurant in the area soon. In the meantime, is there any way we can enjoy your BBQ? Thanks.

    • bbqbigjim

      Thanks, we had a great time, maybe more to come from tv for us. But you can have us cater your event or direct email and place order. We will be holding a private event at my house with some other competitors early january. check back first week of jan for details all the meat we cook for our mock contest will be for sale to a few guests. bareknucklesbbq@yahoo.com

  10. Rick Goldstein

    Wish you had a restaurant that I could have access each week. Great old fashion Southern BBQ and sides. Always enjoy your catering and seeing you at the Georgia Dome. *****Five Star BBQ.

    • bbqbigjim

      Hey Rick, no time for restaurant just yet.. we are considering all our options, but for now we really enjoy our corporate partners and the work we do for them!!

  11. Big Jim, looking forward to meeting you at 211 Darby this Saturday..

    • bbqbigjim

      We look forward to being there!!

  12. Sonya

    Hi I saw you on BBQ Pitmaster… Awesome! Do you have a restaurant in Oxford?? Would love to come and eat!!

    • bbqbigjim

      Hey Thanks for the message, we don’t have a restaurant. We only provide private catering and private cooking classes.. Let us know if you have an event we can help with!

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