Cherokee Pignic

Well not too bad of a showing at the cherokee pignic, 10 overall finish with a 7th place in chicken. I will take it after that last contest. We had a great time with Jeff working to help us put out some great product. Robyn and Amy Bowles were in our booth helping out getting their Master Judge Cook in. I think we gave them some new insight on what teams do to get it done.Congrats to Ed who has recently showed up at a few events and made a dent, with top 5 finishes . Great to see him out there cooking.I have a busy week, Headed to the dome today, Big Cater Downtown Tuesday, Lots to do wednesday, then off to the Hollar on Thursday. I wouldnt have it any other way. I love this time of year!Thanks to my lovely Wife Amy for supporting me in everything I do and putting up with me being gone . See yall out there

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