Back from Dillard

Well we turned in 4 solid entries, I just dont think a couple judges saw it that way. Brisket, 5th, chicken 10th and pork 13th… Oh yeah ribs 62nd…scratch!!! These things happen from time to time, but I also received a comment card this time, and it wasnt the scores, because they were all consistant, not liking the ribs I sent in. Comments…. But looks like they were just put in the box?? Taste like grill needs cleaning? Under cooked.. numbers follow 778.. I normally dont try to question judges but this is just a little off in my opinion! Appearance 7 just put in the box? taste 7 taste like grill needs cleaning? and tenderness 8 under cooked???? Wow, sounds like some one needs a trip to the wood shed for retraining. Maybe just a idea, how about these judges cook with a team BEFORE they get to judge?? To all my friends that are judges(me too) low scores dont bother me, but comments from someone that has not clue what they are judging or how to judge do. Spilt milk! Done, next contest Sams Club in Marietta Ga, see yall there, I think I need to go and clean my grills now!

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