As I sit here and read the results from the election. I wonder if the people who voted actually read any of the remarks or comments that were printed? I also wonder if all the comments were just a politically correct essay for just more votes? I still believe that change can occur within this organization. I know that Candy will work to help to try and bring about change. I have really stood by my statements and answers to the questions that were sent to me from KCBS,not from a political stand but from a this is what I think position. Some of my comments were diluted but were real.
I wonder? Did I do enough? Did I put myself out there to just be a non vote for another candidate?
No, I really thought if I can get there I can make things happen. I thought this because I do it in my everyday life as I always have. Will I run again? I dont know. But I will still challenge and question the current leadership, because thats just me.
Thanks again for all the people who voted for me.

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