2010 Here we come

Well all the tailgates are done, Holiday parties and turkeys, hams and what not have been delivered. Now onto 2010. Thought we were headed to Miami but not to be this time. We are waiting for the election results for KCBS BOD, not sure if I did enough to get out there and gather enough votes but most that know me know thats how I work. If and when I get there its a new ball game. It should be a great experience. Scheduling continues to evolve from day to day. ONly a few contests for sure, North Little Rock, WInchester, Young Harris, Dillard, AMerican Royal, Greensboro, and Covington as One of the Organizers.

Iam also trying to put a class together for new cook teams. Not sure when but would like to get it done in the spring. Good luck to all the teams headed out this year to compete, be safe and HAVE FUN.. See you out there, bigjim

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