Jim Stancil

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  1. dave santagata

    hey hoss

    like the website. great pics, call me, don’t have your # anymore,

    super dave

  2. Chip chapman

    Jim…I’m gonna call you Thanksgiving day and check in. In the meantime…what’s the Big Jim Primo smoked or grilled duck recipe sure to amaze and astound ? And the website is killer!

  3. kyle

    are you guys attending Pigfest in Lakeland FL this year? the ribs were the best iv ever had.

    • admin

      Not this year, I am at the Georgia BBQ Championship Banquet . Only date we could work in for the resort. Maybe next year! Thanks JIm

  4. Leslie Greenberg

    Do you have a phone contact?

    • bbqbigjim

      sent you a message directly!

  5. where did you get your metal logo sign i saw at Cleveland TN cook?

    • bbqbigjim

      Pirate 50 signs.. check him out on facebook, his contact info there.. He has done a quite a few signs for bbq teams. He also does trophies and other metal sculpting

  6. Herb Wofford

    Sorry we could not be there to witness your victory for ribs. Congratulations!! Maybe next year, but we had a chance at a free house at the beach for the family. Tell all hello.


    • bbqbigjim

      Thanks, I might have taken the beach as well, hope to see yall soon

  7. I need to talk to you about a honda2000 when you start to get rid of some used ones.

    • bbqbigjim

      I get my invoice end of December, check back then,

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