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As we here in the south have been devastated by storms and tornados, I reflect on how close we came to being some of the stats. I tried not to dwell on what could have should have deal.But as we left kentucky last wed, just seemed a little off. I was looking at the radar on my phone> Thinking or wishing, aw we will be just behind it. We went through a couple bursts that sent us from side to side on the highway.Then we stopped for 10 min to well you know..bathroom break. watching the skies closely . We could then hear the rumblings of the wind, skies cleared for a second and we were on the road again, but only for a mile then stopped in traffic at Ringgold Exit. We missed it by that much! For the next few hours all of our loved ones calling insisting we get out of there! As the storms and more tornados hit all around us, we could do nothing. We are stuck in this parking lot on 75 South witnessing ambulance and fire rescue back and forth on the highway around us. 5 Hours sitting , then as the cars and trucks started moving, we went through everything they showed on the news and it was a sobering view. I have been in a few close calls over the year and that might have been the winner so far. My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families affected by these storms. As we finally pulled into the house at 5 am thursday, up 24 hours and cant process anything except lay down and sleep. Friday was a busy day and we went to it like nothing happened. I think it took me a few days to process. Maybe just trying to forget. as we are alomost a year since momma passed, maybe she was watching, Thank you for getting us  home.. Love you

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